singing & buzz magnets(Magnetic Rattlesnake Eggs)

These great new magnet toys will soon be everywhere. Be the first on your Block to own a pair. Made from highly polished hematite magnet material, they Have a deep charcoal / black color and an ultra smooth finish.
These magnet toys are incredibly fascinating. Whenever they are separated, They will try to find each other, and when they do, amazing things happen.
If you do eggs and throw toward sky, it will give out snake sound what caused By strong magnetic attraction. Curative effect healthy massage.

magnetic hematite beads

1) Supply different shape of magnetic loose beads. They are selled as a strand 2) The lenght is 16 inch each strand
3) Magnetic strength: Usual power(Isotropic) 600-800Gs, and high power(Anisotropic) about 1200Gs
4) You could make Magnetic hematite bracelets, necklaces other jewelry available by yourself
5) Material: Magnetic hematite stone
Inner packing: 100 strands/OPP bag
Hematite beads have nonmagnetic and magnetic

Magnetic Sphere (QQMAG)

Our factory supply all style magnetic craft . magnetic Sphere ( Ball ) for different size .
supply magnetic hematite sphere . NdFeb Sphere .

Hematite size from DIA. 15mm ; 20mm; 25mm; 30mm; 45mm;
NdFeb Sphere size of DIA. custorm as you need .

our magnetic hematite ball still polishing process .