Type: Bedroom Furniture

General Use: Home Furniture

Size:Various sizes,1.5*2M 1.8*2M 1.2*2M (or as customers request)

Place of Origin: CN

Brand Name: ST

Material :Natural jade stones and Leather surface

Packing: dust bag and box.

Delivery: 3-5 days

Introduce the products:

1. The Jade are the rare treasure ,A piece of Jade contains more than 30 kinds of trace elements helpful to the human body .such as selenium .zinc, nickel. copper .cobalt manganese and so on .The starting wave emitted by the cells of human body .the cells of human body are resonated with the wave movement emitted by the jade . Therefore these cells of the human body obtain the vigor .the blood circulation is promoted . The metabolism is strengthened .the internal wastes are gotten ride of in time.

2. The jade function of building up human body was found by the mankind long ago . the jade has the efficacies .such as :removing the heat in stomach .the heavy breathe and irritation .nourishing the hair and five internal organs ,supplying the muscles and enforcing the bones .quenching the thirst ,moistening the heart and lungs . Pacifying the soul .benefiting the blood and blood vessels. Brightening the eyes and sharpening the ears ,etc,

Heating Germanium Healthy Bed Mattress

Tourmaline Mattress esen-C96A 100x190cm

Category:Heating MattressTourmaline Mat

Size: 100x190cm Single Bed   Black Tourmaline 

Use of tourmaline to discharge far infrared ray and anion 

Tourmaline emits about 2.5~13.5micron of far infrared rays and it’s matched with the infrared rays of human body oneself, so it’s called “The ray of life”. 
The rays is not only benefit the muscles on the surface of the body but all cells including blood vessels, lymph glands and nerves in the deep parts of our body. 
These rays vitalize the biological function of our cells and increase circulation, relieve neuralgia, backache, arthritis pain, eliminates toxins and carbon dioxide from our blood, performs an antibacterial function. 
Heating therapy is one of long history physical therapy, combined with tourmaline, It helps you keep healthy. 
Material of our mattress.  Top quality of tourmaline stones.  High quality of outer material. 
Good and safe quality for inside heating wires.  LED remote controller.  Temperature 35℃~70℃ 
OEM (size and material) is acceptable

healthy germanium thermal seat cushion 
heating germanium & JADE seat cushion
Germanium stone:Strengthens immune system,
improves blood circulation, boost up body energy,
discards toxins especially heavy metals such as mercury and lead.
Helps to enhance the ability of blood stream to take in oxygen by more than 1.5 times. Increases the rate of metabolism and delays the aging process
.1) size: 45cm x 45cm, we can customize it with any size.
2) It contains 100 pcs germanium stones.
3) We can use any season beacuse it has heating, coolness and massage function.